Thursday 13 February 2014

Vintage Love

Re-envisioning the graceful vintage objects 
that we find doesn't always mean 
that we alter their appearance.

We often use items in different ways
than originally designed. 
They are still purposeful, 
but visible regularly for all to enjoy.

The removable handle from the lid 
of a vintage silver chafing dish 
makes a stunning paperweight.

An antique cut crystal and sterling silver salt cellar, 
with tiny spoon, become a pretty way 
to keep beads and crystals sorted and contained.

This antique coaster of cut glass and 
sterling silver makes a beautiful catch-all.

At "...and then again" we have a passion 
for giving captivating vintage pieces a new vitality, 
while honouring their legacy. 
And we love connecting these delightful items 
with people who share this appreciation.

-Amanda and Liz

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