Thursday 29 August 2019

Vanity Bottle Tags

Easily identify your self-care products 
with our 'toiletry tags', made from vintage silverware.
 A beautiful way to create a feel of luxury in 
your powder room, guest bath 
or en-suite, while reducing your 
consumption of plastics and packaging.

Head to your local zero-waste store for a refill
 of your self-care products like shampoo, 
conditioner, soap, lotion, etc;
 then pour them into some nice bottles 
and place one of our pretty 
hand-stamped tags on the bottle. 
Find them here in our Etsy shop.

Friday 23 August 2019

Fall & Winter Markets

Yes it is still August, 
but it has been cloudy all day and
 I am wearing a hoodie and drinking tea.
 Fall is just around the corner and
I want to make sure that you know exactly 
where to find me for some in-person shopping 
over the next few months.
Pop over to the 'Events' page for all of the details,
 including my first market in Calgary.