Monday 28 November 2016

Gift Wrapping Fun

I love to get creative with gift-wrapping 
no matter what the occasion. 
This holiday market season, I stuck with neutral colors for my market displays 
and chose some papers that reflected this palette. 
I mixed some of my products and some natural and recycled materials as well.

 This striped paper and patterned paper are both from HomeSense and cost $4.99 per roll. 
Some natural twine, some eucalyptus 
and a stamped silver spoon 
add some nice texture and shine to the box.


 This 'Je T'aime' spoon is tied to the gift with 
a scrap of leather. 
Look around your home to find some 
different materials to recycle; 
maybe some denim, velvet or wool.

 These two gifts are adorned with vintage chandelier crystals of different shapes. So pretty!
The sparkles and tiny letters in the above photo; and the sheet music paper and 
LOVE letters are from Brick & Mortar Living 
in New Westminster.

 Want in on a secret? 
This kraft paper is actually from a large roll of 
Builder's Paper made from 100% recycled paper 
available at Home Depot
A 36" roll of 167 feet is $18.47 and is sure to last a long time! My kids love to make large murals with this paper 
and I like to use it for gift-wrapping 
or to protect the table when painting. 
We are on our third year of using the same roll.

The paper is adorned with an one of our vintage hand-crocheted ornaments. These were made from a vintage blanket and are adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Hope this inspired you to get creative, save some money and add some interesting materials to your gift-wrapping.


Saturday 12 November 2016

Mixing Vintage & New

I love to switch up my displays and 
colour palettes with every season of markets.

While out seeking colour inspiration last month, 
I discovered I was really drawn to a combination of white, cream, and mixed metals.

While this gave me a direction for my upcoming markets, it also inspired me to show you how 
you can mix new and vintage to create 
affordable one of a kind gift combinations. 

The items that I purchased are from HomeSense 
and I paired them with the hand-stamped, 
vintage silverware gifts that I make.

 First up is this marble and wood charcuterie board 
with a leather strap. 
I paired it with one of my best-sellers, 
the "Spread Joy" vintage spreader. 
The board is $7.99 and the spreader is $19.

I love the deep, round shape and the texture 
 on both this coffee mug and bowl. 

I paired the mug with a petite demitasse spoon 
that reads "Go Away", 
the perfect stamped saying for before 
you have had that first cup of coffee. 
The spoon is $19 and the mug is $3.99.

The bowl cost $4.99 and I combined it 
with another one of my best-sellers, 
the "Cereal Killer" spoon at $19.

 If coffee isn't your recipient's cup of tea ;),
how about a pretty tea cup and saucer 
and "Tea Time" teaspoon.
The cup and saucer are gold rimmed 
and cost $8.99, while the teaspoon 
with a pattern 
that dates back to 1901, is $19.

 For the dessert-lover, 
I combined the "Sweet Tooth" fork at $19 
and a sparkly footed dessert plate at $9.99.

 These marble coasters with a chevron print have 
a beautiful subtle sparkle. 
I am going to use them at my markets to add 
a little bit of height to display some of my silverware.  
Here I paired them with a vintage silver goblet 
that holds a succulent and a flattened spoon 
that reads "Peace Love Garden". 
The coasters cost $9.99 and the spoon is $19.

Finally, for your friend who likes to entertain, these double-sided paper coasters are lots of fun 
when paired with a decanter tag or two. 
The coasters cost $7.99 and the decanter tags which are made from vintage silverware of course, are $22 each.
The tags look so good on a vintage decanter and help bring some great style to a bar cart.

I always have customers asking for gifting ideas so I hope this helped inspire you a little.  I think you can have lots of fun mixing new and vintage, 
and you don't need to spend a lot of money to create a meaningful gift. 
Just choose something that reflects the personality and interests of your recipient. 
I have a great selection of hand-stamped sayings for everyone on your shopping list.
Visit my Etsy Shop to see more.


ps This post is not sponsored in any way, just me having fun.

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Holiday Markets 2016

Here are the events where you will find me 
in person this holiday season. 
More details under the 'Events' heading.
Hope to see you there!