Wednesday 19 June 2013

Wedding Bouquet Adornment

As I experiment with others uses for our silverware creations, I kept finding myself drawn towards ways to incorporate the silver into wedding décor.

Part of the inspiration behind the silverware component of "...and then again" came from my own wedding 6 years ago. We collected various sizes of silver spoons and then bent them to use as napkin rings at each place setting. The guests really loved the personal touch and loved that they were able to take theirs home.

 I guess this is part of what keeps nudging me towards wedding items. I love browsing wedding blogs for inspiration. The love, the flowers, the décor, the people and the celebration combine in spectacular ways. The heart, soul and thought that goes into the celebrations, whether big or small, allows for much creativity.

 The charms that we create for jewellery also make beautiful embellishments for a bride`s bouquet. The charm combination pictured above is a Swarovski crystal and the end of a spoon manufactured by 1847 Rogers Bros in the pattern of 'Old Colony` from 1911.

 Any number of charms could be added to a bouquet. I added a charm for Spain depicting a bull fighter and a charm from Sydney, Australia. I imagine that these represent treasured travels of the couple. The charms might also represent the heritage of the couple, loved ones who have passed or who are not able to attend the wedding or even inspiration for the future.

If you are interested in more info about ways to incorporate our creations into your wedding please contact us via email at or via our Facebook page at

- Amanda