Friday 31 October 2014

Friday Favourites

 Thought I would do a quick post to show
you some of my favourite Etsy shops.

I love to peruse Etsy for inspiration of all sorts.
I especially love the 'Featured Shop' column on 
the Etsy blog. 
It provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the makers/curators, their shop processes and their personal motivations. It always interests me to find out how a particular design idea came to fruition and how their shop was started.

Enjoy the eclectic mix below and check out their shops!


Mermaid Fiddles Bamboo Tee 

Feathers and Succulent Art Print, Watercolor Painting, Giclee Art Print, Archival Art Print - Birds of A Feather Collection 

READY TO SHIP | Dream Weaver Embroidered Tulle Cape | Byzantine Collection 

 Unicorn Heart Warrior  - LARGE Aragonite Crystal Carved Skull - Ombre Hand Dyed Horse Hair - Druze Cave Cranium - The Hii Diie Collection

Happy Halloween!

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