Monday 30 July 2018

August Charity - Yoga Outreach

**Update - Thank you for support.
Together we raised $350 for Yoga Outreach!

During the month of August
I will be collecting a portion of sales,
and will be donating them to Yoga Outreach.

I have chosen this organization as I 
believe strongly in the benefits of yoga and
 I feel connected to the cause. 
My post-secondary education was in the field
of Therapeutic Recreation and I also worked
in the Social Assistance system as part of 
the BC Public service. 
I saw first-hand the benefits of how recreation
can build self-esteem and help individuals heal.

Here is a bit about Yoga Outreach from their website:

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand access to trauma-informed yoga programs to heal and connect communities

What Is A Trauma Informed Approach?

A trauma-informed approach is designed to create a safe and healing environment that inspires and empowers participants to reconnect with their body (a key element in trauma recovery). At Yoga Outreach we do this through offering yoga programs that are choice-based, incorporate a no-touch & no-assist approach, and use language that is invitational, gender neutral, and non-violent.

Thank you for your assistance in helping
me reach this goal!



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