Friday 13 December 2013


If you are familiar with ...and then again,
you have seen that we like get creative
with the ways in which we re-envision
One way in which we revive silverware pieces 
that are not fit for eating with,
is by making pendants and charms.

 The necklaces above are made with the 
handles of souvenir spoons and 
the charms are made from the finials
of the same spoons.
To embellish the silverware we have made additional
small charms with pearls, heamatite 
and Swarovski crystals.

 The great thing about these necklaces, is that you
can easily create a one of a kind look by adding 
charms of your choosing and by placing these 
charms in different places along the necklace.
This enables you to create unique looks 
depending on your outfit and mood.

The pendants hang from a 33" chain but you can
change the length of the necklace by 
clasping together an area of the chain with 
an additional charm. 
The left picture above shows a front view and 
the picture on the right shows how it was
shortened by adding the charm at the back.

 We also created a second style of necklace
using the beautiful patterns 
found on the ends
silver flatware.
The silver pieces are adorned with pearls, hematite,
Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pavé beads.
Each necklace is one of a kind and some 
have additional inlaid Swarovski crystals
depending on the pattern of the silverware.

 This style of necklace also allows the wearer to get
creative with lengths and looks. 

The necklaces are already available at both
locations of Barefoot Contessa in Vancouver, BC,
and the charms are on their way!

- Amanda & Liz

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