Wednesday 17 July 2013

For the Bibliophile

After I had made a number of bottle charms using the spoon bowls of some flatware, I was left with a pile of long handles. As my mom and I are always experimenting with new ideas and always trying to reuse as much of our materials as possible, I thought I would turn a few of the handles into bookmarks. 
To embellish them a little, I added some silver chain and some wire-wrapped beads. I think the result is quite pretty and fun.

The bookmarks are an especially lovely way to reuse old family silverware. I am going to make at least a couple from my great-grandmothers silverware as per my mom's suggestion yesterday.  
She said that my great-grandmother loved books and that as a child, she and her siblings would get so excited at the source of something to read, even if it was only a scrap of paper. 
I think the bookmark is a great way to commemorate her and something that she would love.

- Amanda

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