Monday 27 May 2013

Muse News

This past weekend we acquired a well taken care of collection of Maple and French Provincial style furniture. The pieces were treasured by their owner and we want to find appreciative homes for them.

There are quite a few pieces now lining the hallways of our house and we are trying to decide which pieces to start working on first. We are choosing color palletes, fabric swatches and browsing inspiration photos. 

But, before we go any further we wanted to show you the pieces and gather some input/opinions. 
We also wanted to give the opportunity to any collectors to purchase any of the pieces as they are currently. 
Please browse the photos below and if you would like to share your opinion we would be more than happy to hear what you think!
Should we paint every piece or just leave their original Canadian design? What color? Where might you use a particular piece in your home? 

This fabric is in like new condition, a stunning Egyptian blue. But do we paint the wood or leave as is???

A great storage piece with one divided drawer and one extra large drawer and louvered doors, perhaps painted a white for a baby's room with a changing pad on top? or maybe a charcoal or black and then re-purposed as a bar?

The three pieces above have been placed all together but can be separated. The piece in the middle is actually a room divider with doors on either side.

Both of the lamps above are in excellent working condition.

This rocker and ottoman is very comfy!

Western themed boys room perhaps?

Testing paint colors.
A suite of French Provincial bedroom furniture consisting of 5 pieces.

So please feel free to leave any input, and share this post with your family and friends.
If you would like any more info about any of the pieces, we would be happy to share what we know.

Thanks for reading and viewing!

-Amanda and Liz


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