Friday 14 September 2012

This weeks colour play.

The inspiration:

Revlon Smoky Canvas

This might seem a funny place to start. It harkens back to that compulsion to collect nail polish that I had as a young person. I have always loved colour and a bottle of polish was affordable.

I saw this palette on Pinterest and loved the approach. The natural setting offers a base and example of how we can take cues for colour coordination from nature.


Now off to my favorite upholstery section. Fabricana is a playground for me. I often will start with the fabric that I have fallen in love with and draw the colour choices out of that, but there are no hard, set rules. We are playing after all.   

 At this point I saw these carpets from Restoration Hardware, and realized they were a perfect fit to my palette.
 I imagine this room to be in my house. The kitchen has an adjacent dining room with stone floor. Because this room is full of hard surfaces, any one of the cozy, wool carpets works. Now I think, I have those chairs in the garage. What colour shall I paint them? I will use that floral fabric to reupholster the seats. The fabric offers a feminine touch to balance the masculine feel of the space.
Hmmmm.....and then again, any of those choices that we have made above works in this space as well.

...and then again, this room as well! Now we're really having fun!


Now for some finishing touches. These accessories may already be in another room. I can shop at home first, I am thinking about those taupe cushions I once used on the bed.  Or go shopping. The other day while at Chapters, this example of their assorted frames caught my eye. Now that I have this fabric I am going back to get the frames!
Some of these rooms have been fun to practice with. The room I am actually working on is my hallway, painted in Inukshuk by Benjamin Moore.

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