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About Liz

I enjoy the challenge of weaving colour, texture and pattern together to form living spaces that are comfortable, inviting and stimulating. For 30 plus years while raising a large family, I have developed a strong preference for previously used items. This grew first out of necessity but has now become a passion and a creative outlet. I enjoy the process of giving new life to something someone may have once loved and now feels it doesn’t ‘fit’ for some reason. I find that sometimes reconsidering leads to a whole new view and direction. Maybe a dresser could be painted and placed in the living room to repurpose it or that chair that seems to be almost invisible now, just needs some new fabric and colour coordination.

About Amanda

I am a mom of two young boys who was looking for a lifestyle change. Most of my education and career experience involved taking care of others and I was feeling like this left little of me for those who needed me most, my family. I have always dreamed of working for myself and creating a lifestyle that worked for my family. And then again has provided me with the flexibility and creative outlet that I have been looking for.

At and then again, hand-picked items are re-envisioned and revived either through a complete transformation or a more simple modification. We work with heirlooms and estate pieces consisting of primarily vintage solid wood furniture and vintage silver-plated flatware, but are always on the hunt for that great item. Our work is ever-evolving and we love learning new skills and techniques.

In addition to spending time with my family and friends, I am passionate about travel, photography, design, colour, dreaming, nature and healthy living.

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